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Client's Story: Uncovering the Source of a Public Media-War Waged Against a European Bank

About the rubric: In series of publications we tell you more about diferent cases we worked on in our practice. The aim is to show the nature of our work, how we solved complicated issues and how we manage crises protecting the interests of our clients. We respect the privacy of those who trust us which is why we will not mention brands and names in tese publications.

The owner of one of the largest banks in western Europe was hit by a massive, well-planned, slandering campaign, executed by an unknown source, harming his reputation and the reputation of his bank. The campaign included a successful operation to steal confidential information from our clients’ bank, publication of negative stories in the media against him and his family, as well as the filing of many false claims and complaints against him all across the country.

In order to help our client, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of all the slanderous campaign happenings and managed to identify the parties whom may have an interest in harming our client. By cross-checking the intelligence collected, we were able to assess with high probability who was the sponsor of the campaign. Simultaneously, we investigated the information leaks from our client’s bank using complex cyber capabilities and an international Human Intelligence operation, which enabled us to successfully identify the source of the leak.

Using Open Source, Human Intelligence and our deep web technology practices, we managed to link the person ordering the leak from the bank to the person found to be behind the campaign against our client. He ended up being the owner of a competing bank.

We found that the reasons for the competitor’s actions against our client were an attempt to divert the authorities attention away from his own bank that was being investigated in relation to money laundering and tax evasion; as well as an attempt to harm the reputation of our client’s bank, hence its activity, for the sole purpose of getting their customers to switch to the competing bank.

The evidence we provided cleared our clients name and provided grounds to open an investigation against the guilty competitor, all in the nick of time before any active involvement of the authorities.

This was accompanied by the removal of all negative stories published in the media and the launch of a positive campaign to strengthen our client’s public persona and bank.


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