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We empower you with the information and the connections you need.

What is making some people and organizations so successful?

The answer is access to data, information, and the right connections.

Through our services, we provide these and the optimal solutions so to empower our clients to reach their personal and business goals and solve complicated situations in 

a smart, efficient, and time-wise way while protecting their interests and assets.

Terra Strategic Solutions

We fix problems. We manage crises. We save reputations.


To deliver first-class service we rely on the proven professional expertise of our team.

The core of the organization are former high-rank officers of the Israeli Security Services supported by internationally practicing analysts, cyber experts, strategists, legal advisors, economists, engineers, marketing experts, and other prominent specialists.



To deliver the right strategic solution or to support you with the connections you need, we developed a global partnership network of individuals and different types of organizations that are ready to assist your growth.

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