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We fix problems. We manage crises. We save reputations.

We make our client's problems disappear.

Terra SS offers a wide range of tailored services to its individual, corporate, governmental, and non-governmental clients to obtain, manage, utilize and protect information, to protect assets, and more.

Our services:

Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence

We understand the high dynamics of the environment you operate in and we bring you that delicate information that you need to withstand the competitive challenges and create advantage; understand the secret ingredients of your competitors' success formula; increase sales; choose the right partner, trusted supplier, or recruit key personnel. We help in developing leverage for litigation, compliance, and conflict support. Our professional team can support you in troubles with your crypto currency wallets (like recovery of lost crypto wallets passwords and other issues),

Our Creative Intelligence team delivers successfully for clients with different profiles - VIP's, Corporate, and Governmental entities.


Cyber Security Solutions

When you understand that "this will not happen to me" doesn't work, our professional team will bring all its knowledge and experience to protect your assets with cutting-edge technical and technological solutions and minimize the risk to suffer a random or deliberate attack and damage on your physical and digital properties.

Cyber Security Solutions
HLS&Special Services

Homeland Security &
Special Services 

Our HLS and Special Operations department aims to be  a one-stop-shop for the needs of homeland security and other civil or crypto needs. We analyze and define the operational needs and gaps, conduct risk assessment and system engineering to provide the optimum
solution within the customer's constraints. This includes integration of solutions, implementation, training, and maintenance.

Our extensive knowledge brings unique solutions for Border Security, Maritime and Aerial Security, Cyber Security, Command, Control and Communication, and more.

In the brochure, you will find also information about our special operations solutions for civil defence, smart cities and medical and healthcare solutions.

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Reputation Protection and Counter-Influence Campaigns

When your reputation is at risk and your name and good standing are attacked by your competitors, we help you identify the source of the attack, its shape, and strategy and run an operation to counteract the problem. 

Reputation Protection

Strategic Solutions

When the lifecycle graph of your organization is calling for change, we are there to analyze the situation, support your leadership, empower your employees, identify new opportunities, build the winning strategy, introduce you to the right strategic partners and investors, help you optimize and monetize your efforts in an efficient way.

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Global Networking & Representation

The right connections empower. We are committed to the empowerment of our clients as a pillar of mutual growth. Through our global network, we can connect you to the right strategic match to expand your business, penetrate new markets, purchase rare goods, find investors and innovative co-thinkers, build synergetic and strategic partnerships.

Strategic Solutions
Global Networking

Terra Strategic Soltions Ltd is part of the Cyber Security Global Alliance and member of the board of directors.

Terra Strategic Solutions Ltd. is the official representative of the Israeli Security Business Union for Eastern Europe. 

Terra Strategic Solutions Ltd. is leading the HLS and Cyber Security department of the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce.

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