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Employee Data Leakage

About the rubric: In series of publications we tell you more about diferent cases we worked on in our practice. The aim is to show the nature of our work, how we solved complicated issues and how we manage crises protecting the interests of our clients. We respect the privacy of those who trust us which is why we will not mention brands and names in tese publications.

After identifying potential sources of leaks amongst the client’s employees and categorising them into expanding ‘circles of risk’, TERRA-SS proactively engaged in areas with a high likelihood of leaking information.

Furthermore, TERRA-SS operators also monitored a broad range of sources and media; such as social media discussions, forums and news article talkbacks, in order to create a picture of employee satisfaction and identify potential leakers.

TERRA-SS’s efforts not only identified those company employees who leaked the critical information, thus helping the client mitigate the risk as far as possible, but also discovered employee criticism of management, information that the client found very useful in planning its managerial strategy.


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