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Asset Tracing

About the rubric: In series of publications we tell you more about diferent cases we worked on in our practice. The aim is to show the nature of our work, how we solved complicated issues and how we manage crises protecting the interests of our clients. We respect the privacy of those who trust us which is why we will not mention brands and names in tese publications.

The client was in possession of a very significant judgment against an individual and a target company (both Brazilian), and needed to identify any tangible and recoverable assets, including bank accounts, and understand their value.

Due to the nature of the enforcement orders, the areas of focus for the client’s recovery efforts were physical assets in Brazil, and financial products and bank accounts in Central America and Europe.

A thorough search of limited access databases quickly revealed several Fazendas (Brazilian plantations) of significant value, along with several other tangible assets of value, including real estate in Europe.

Following this, TERRA-SS performed an initial mapping of all relevant entities and companies, and identified several new companies within the subject’s company structure.

TERRA-SS also created a short-list of companies that the subject was believed to hold significant numbers of shares in, but that did not release any information regarding shareholders.

Furthermore, TERRA-SS identified several individuals that were well positioned to provide information on the subject’s financial holdings. Using our proprietary combination of deep-web intelligence collection, human intelligence, and social engineering techniques, TERRA-SS revealed that the subject held significant number of shares in two previously unknown companies with value in the tens of millions.

Using the previously created map of key players, and intelligence gained from the individuals identified by TERRA-SS as having knowledge of the subject’s financial holdings, TERRA-SS constructed an intelligence dossier sufficient to obtain Intermediary Bank Discovery subpoenas against 15 target companies.

TERRA-SS managed the discovery process from beginning to end, processing and analysing all data received – which was well over 1,000 separate bank transactions. As a result, over 20 new bank accounts were discovered, and the movement of over 500M USD was tracked.

Further to this, several new companies that were eligible for recovery efforts were identified.

TERRA-SS also revealed fraudulent transactions that provided the basis for piercing the corporate veil in US courts, allowing for the addition of further defendants to the judgment.


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