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NATO Supplier: 0155U | DUNS: 525506570
UN supplier: 677460

EU educational license 2014121176 


Information is power. Our mission is to empower.

About Terra SS

Our Background

Former elite high-rank officers in Security and Intelligence Services bring their knowledge, experience, and insights to support our clients with vital information, analysis, and consulting to ensure their competitiveness, solve complicated business and legal issues, maintain their reputation, and protect their assets in a smart and efficient way.
We also provide operational engineering services, system integration, various security technologies, training, and cyber security holistic solutions.


What We Do


Empower with information for legal, business, personal, due diligence, and any other need. 
Use the power of information to create and change reality. 

Technical and Technological Solutions, Holistic solutions, implementation, training 

Customized solutions for complex challenges, including simulators, AI-based cameras, C4I, drones, anti-drones, armored vehicles, helicopter parts, and more

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We offer growth opportunities for individuals, VIPs, corporate and governmental organizations by providing basic and advanced training for future-oriented professional knowledge and skills.


99% of our graduates now occupy high-profile positions in different private and governmental units.

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